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Introduce a touch of serenity and wildlife charm to your garden with this large St. Francis Statue. This beautifully crafted statue not only serves as a stunning focal point but also doubles as a functional piece of art. Fill the bowl in St. Francis’s hands with birdseed and watch as your garden becomes a sanctuary for birds, enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

Standing over three feet tall, this statue captures the essence of Saint Francis of Assisi, known for his love for all creatures. Accompanied by playful woodland birds and squirrels, the statue radiates a sense of peace and companionship. The attention to detail in this sculpture is remarkable, from Saint Francis’s kind and gentle expression to the small cross hanging from his belt, each element is crafted with care and precision.

This impressive sculpture is cast in high-quality designer resin, ensuring durability and longevity. The finish mimics the look of natural stone, adding an elegant and timeless appeal to the piece. This durable faux stone surface is designed to withstand all seasons, making the statue a perennial feature in your garden.

Let this St. Francis Statue be a beacon of tranquility in your garden, inviting a sense of calm and reverence for nature’s beauty.

Product Details:

Resin with a faux stone finish
Dimensions: 14-1/2″ W x 11″ D x 37″ H
Weight: 28 lbs

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