Diana Of Versailles And Apollo Belvedere Bonded Marble Greek Bust Statues: Set Of Two


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Blessed with the eternal beauty of youth, these twin Greek gods of mythology, Diana and Apollo, are unbeatable archers and hunters. Both of these classic museum quality sculptures epitomize the ideas of aesthetic perfection and strength and are replicated exclusively for Toscano in high quality bonded marble resin. Diana was a goddess of the moon, animals and the forests, while her brother Apollo was the sun god representing music, song and poetry. Together they ruled the day and night. This sculpt of Diana of Versailles is one of the earliest known Diana images and the bust of Apollo Belvedere depicts the embodiment of perfection. An investment in classic European sculptures, our impressive set of Olympian siblings’ sculptural busts are stunning any collection as a sophisticated statement piece for your home or gallery.

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Design Toscano


Design Toscano