praying angel garden statue will add beauty and grace to your outdoor living space.

Palms together and a look of serenity on their faces, these gentle angels will make you feel loved and protected. Place in a quiet, sheltered spot in your garden where you can sit and bask in their warmth and tenderness, and let their peaceful presence calm your soul.

praying angel statue

Her head raised to the sky, eyes half closed,  this gentle angel stands with her hands together in prayer. She looks right at home, surrounded by wild flowers and tall grasses. At 36″ in height, this angel’s presence is sure to be felt, and will add a strong focal point to your garden


praying angel statue - looking up

This praying angel statue is made from quality resin and hand finished by artisans. The quality workmanship can be seen in the exquisite details of this piece. This statue comes in two sizes (13.5″ tall and 33″ tall) making it ideal for both indoors or out.


praying angel statue - kneeling

Head bowed, this angel kneels in prayer. The beautiful statue is a light grey color, made from a resin/stone mix and sits on a pedestal.


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