mother and child garden statue

A mother and child statue is a beautiful addition to any garden. These statues of mothers cradling their infants, show the deep and powerful love between a mother and her child. Each of the pieces is large enough to be the focal point in your garden, and strong enough to withstand the elements year-round. They will delight you and your visitors for years to come.


Mother's Moment Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Looking beautiful in a flowing turquoise summer dress, this young mother is sitting on stone-looking blue bench. Her sleepy toddler lies in her lap as she looks down lovingly, resting a gentle hand on his head. This solid bronze statue is just over four feet tall and weighs 164 pounds.  It would make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.


mother and child statue - cuddling baby

A tender smile on her face, this mother stands cuddling her new baby. Made from stone and available in a variety of different finishes, this statue stand 34″ tall.


mother and child statue - cradling baby

Sitting on the ground with her young child in her arms, this mother closes her eyes and tilts her head, resting it on the top of her young one’s head.  A peaceful smile touches her lips. This intimate and special moment is beautifully captured in this garden statue.  In a variety of finishes to match any setting, this statue is 25″ high, 14.5″ wide, and 7 inches deep.


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