metal frog sculpture

I love garden art that brings a smile to my face, like a charming metal frog sculpture. Cute and playful, these metal frogs are durable as well as adorable! Whether riding a bike or flying a kite, dancing or playing leapfrog with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying the day, these frog statues will look right at home in your garden, or beside your pond.

metal frog reading book on log

This gentleman frog is perched on a log, with a coffee in one hand and his favorite book in the other. The perfect companion for the coffee-loving bookworm, which I suspect is quite a few of us! Made from aluminum this sturdy, well-crafted frog sculpture is 15″H 12″W 9″D.


metal frog sculpture dancing frogs

A truly charming metal frog sculpture of three dancing friends. Arms around each other and knees up, they are captured mid-dance. Made in aluminum with a sea green finish, this sturdy garden statue is 19″H 16.5″W 8″D.


metal frog lovers on bench

With big smiles on their faces, these two frog lovers, are sitting peacefully on a garden bench holding hands. Made from sturdy aluminum, the frogs are steel grey in color, and the umbrella they are sharing and the bench are both brown. This metal sculpture stands 18.5 high, 7 inches deep and 14 inches wide.


metal frog on bike

All set with his helmet and knee pads, this energetic frog on his bike is ready to race !  Finished with a weather resistant power coating in a bronze tones of green and gold. Two metal stakes hold this cyclist in place. Size: 22.5 inches X 21.5 inches X 8 inches.


metal frogs playing on slide

Clapping his hands in glee, his feet pointed skyward, this silly frog delights in his ride down the slide. His friend waits his turn at the top.  This whimsical, metal frog sculpture is 18″ tall, 6.5″ deep and 25″ wide.


bronze frogs playing leapfrog

No collection of frog garden statues is complete if it doesn’t include a pair playing leapfrog! Made from brass with a green verdigris finish, this hopping pair is 6″ long 4.5″ tall. The vaulting frog has seven holes on the top to hold flowers.


metal frog mom and baby

Perched on his mother’s back, this little frog peaks over her head to check out the view.  This touching garden sculpture is made from aluminum, with a green finish and is 6.5 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches.


metal frogs with kite

As this froggy pair knows, a windy day is perfect for kite flying. This aluminum and iron frog statue is finished in green verdigris with a bronze colored kite, and stands 25.5″ tall.


metal frog carrying lantern

This travelling frog is reading for the night, with his lantern on his back. Large enough to hold a tealight candle, this solid aluminum and iron statue is has a green verdigris finish and is 18 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches.


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