labrador retriever garden statue

These labrador retriever garden statues reflect the wonderful qualities of these beautiful dogs. Labs are very friendly, playful, intelligent, trainable, energetic and great companions. No wonder they are America’s most beloved breed of dog. Their big soulful eyes and droopy ears make them look like puppies, even when they are all grown up! With a labrador retriever by your side, you will never feel lonely. They are like a ball of kinetic light and joy!

Black Lab Statue

Who can resist the soulful eyes and all-around cuteness of this black lab puppy statue.  This statue comes in two versions – sitting and standing. In both, his little legs, and hopeful expression will make your heart swell.

This life-like pup is made from polyresin and is suitable for indoors and outdoors.  The sitting version is 5.5″ long,  4.8″ wide and  6.5 inches tall. The standing pup is 8.15″ long, x 4.25″ wide x 6″ tall.

black lab puppy statue sittingbfa

black lab puppy standing statue


These black labrador statues are hand-cast and hand-painted with care. Incredibly realistic, and expressive, these quality statues come in several different sizes and postures, including sitting, crouching, lying down, and even a Christmas ornament with a Santa hat!

The sitting statue is available in two sizes.
Small: 2.5″ long, 1.75″ wide and 3.25″ tall – perfect for a small shelf or ledge.
Mid-size: 4″ long, 3″ wide and 5″ tall.

The peaceful lab lying down is 11″ long, 6″ wide and 7″ tall.

These labrador statues are also available in yellow or chocolate brown.

black sitting lab statuebfa

black lab puppy statue with Santa hat

black lab lying down statuebfa

statue of black lab puppy getting ready to playbfa

Labrador retrievers are wonderful working dogs. They are always willing to lend a paw, or in this case light your path by carrying your solar lantern for you.  These two helpers have a look of eagerness in their eyes, asking “what else can I do?” Place one of these statues by your back door or along your path to welcome visitors into your night garden.

black lab statue with solar lanternbfa

statue of black lab holding a solar lanternbfa

Yellow Lab Statue

This adorable yellow labrador puppy statue has a look of innocence on his sweet face. The standing pup seems to be waiting for someone to come and play in the snow with him! Made from durable polyresin, these statues are ideal for the garden.

statue of yellow lab puppy sittingbfa

yellow lab puppy standing bfa

Loyal and friendly, these yellow labs wait patiently, and hopefully for their masters. Both these statues are hand-cast and hand-painted with care and attention to detail, making these sculptures come alive.  Available in several sizes, from 3″ to 15″ tall, making them perfect for any setting.



Two cute yellow labrador puppy garden statues.  One rests quietly on his own, looking like he just came in from a romp in the garden. The other peaks out from his safe and cosy spot between his mother’s legs. Both these pieces are finely finished in realistic detail.

yellow labrador retriever puppy statuebfa

yelllow labrador retriever mom and puppy statuebfa

Chocolate Lab Statue

The gorgeous color and adorable faces of chocolate lab puppies make them arguably one of the most beautiful pups around. These chocolate labrador statues are made from polyresin, so these cuties can keep you company indoors and out. The sitting puppy is 5.5″ long, 4.8″ wide and 6.5″ tall. The standing pup is 8.15″ long, 4.5 wide and 6″ tall.

sitting chocolate lab puppy statuebfa

statue of standing chocolate lab puppybfa

These very realistic looking chocolate labrador statues reflect the wonderful nature of these loyal dogs. The sitting lab has an look of intense concentration on his face, as he waits hopefully for his walk. Suitable for indoors or out, this polyresin sculpture stands 21″ tall. The chocolate lab lying down, resting before his next adventure, is made from sandstone and is 11″ long, 2.5″ high and 6″wide.

life life chocolate labrador retriever garden statuebfa

chocolate brown labrador statuebfa

Life Size Lab Statue

Life-size labrador statues make these black, yellow and chocolate bundles of joy come alive! Whether sitting patiently, lying peacefully, or cutely watching you with his puppy eyes, while guarding his cookie, these adorable hand-crafted statues will bring the warmth of a dogs love to any room.

life size statue of a yellow labrador retriever lying down guarding his cookiebfa

statue of a black labrador retriever sittingbfc

life size black labrador retriever statue sittingbfa

life size yellow labrador retriever statue sittingbfa

chocolate labrador retriever statue sittingbfa

life size chocolate labrador retriever statue lying downbfa

Bronze Labrador Statues

Bronze statues are beautiful and classic and will last for generations. These gorgeous bronze labrador statues are cast using the lost wax method using age-old techinque and hand-finished. A stylish addition to your home or garden.

bronze chocolate lab puppy statue


bronze labrador retriever statue - sitting puppybfa

For the Love of Labs

We thought labrador retriever fans would appreciate this cute garden statue of a yellow lab holding a welcoming sign that reads “Lab Lovers Welcome. (Others Tolerated).”  I am sure this sentiment is shared by many dog lovers!

This statue is made from cold cast resin and is hand painted. It is 13 1/2 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches deep.

labrador retriever garden statue with welcome sign for lab loversbfabfa

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