horse statues for gardens

Horse lovers, who think and dream about these magnificent animals, will love these horse statues for gardens. They capture the beauty, grace and strength of these equines. Made from bronze, stone or resin, these statues are built to withstand the elements. The smaller statues can be placed in a city yard, while the life size statues would look wonderful in a country garden.

horse head statue

Made from solid cast stone, this horse head statue would look perfect on a brick or stone wall or bench.  Available three finishes, classic (light grey), old  stone (beige) and antique (dark grey), and sealed for outdoor use it will match any decor.


running colt garden statue

This young colt is joyfully running free! Made from bronze in the lost wax method, and finished by hand in shades of rich brown, this gorgeous young horse statue is mounted on an emerald patina base.  At nearly four feet wide and three-and-a-half feet tall, this statue would look striking in any outdoor space.


bronze galloping horse statue

Galloping free, this stallion races the wind. This gorgeous museum quality bronze horse statue in rich, dark brown is cast in the lost-wax method and expertly hand-finished. Standing over seven-and-a-half feet long, and over four-feet tall, this statue will make an impressive and striking focal point in any outdoor space.



rearing stallion horse statue

The power and beauty of this noble animal can be seen in this rearing horse statue. The exquisite detail of this fine bronze statue brings this gorgeous stallion to life. This quality piece, built to last generations, is 36″ wide, 72″ deep and 89″ tall and weights 450 lbs.


rearing horse statue

Available in two sizes, this rearing horse statue will make a beautiful addition to any garden, especially when set against the backdrop of green foliage. Cast in designer resin with an antique white stone finish, this statues comes in the following sizes.
Large: 42″ wide, 20″ deep, 52″ high; 42 lbs.
Life-Size: 71″wide, 29″ deep, 82″high; 136 lbs.


horse statue for garden

Cast in designer resign and hand-finished with great care and detail, this muscular horse statue is the epitome of  beauty and grace. In a rich, antique bronze finish, this statue is 48″ wide, 15″ deep, 48″ high and weighs 66 lbs.


white unicorn statue

Not quite a horse, but its mythical cousin, this unicorn rests on the ground, looking very proud and regal. Made from quality resin and exquisitely hand-finished, this unicorn statue comes in two sizes making it ideal for both the home and garden.


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