bulldog statues

These bulldog statues capture the wonderful nature of these universally loved dogs. These canines, with the flat faces, wrinkly skin and strong muscular bodies are very loyal and affectionate. They will stand by you and sit on your lap!  We have chosen our favorite bulldog statues, including both the classic English bulldogs and the small French bulldogs – or Frenchies!

sitting bulldog puppy statue

Adorable brown bulldog puppy statue with big soulful eyes  will melt your heart. Made from durable resin and hand-painted with care, this cutie is just over 8 inches tall.


peeing bulldog garden statue

With a sheepish look on his face, this bulldog raises his leg to pee on the fire hydrant, marking his territory. This hand-painted resin statue is 12″ long and 7″ high.


These sitting fawn-colored bulldog statues are designed by world-renowned animal sculpture artist Sandra Brue. Hand cast and hand painted these very realistic and expressive statues are available in several sizes from small ornaments to life-size.

life-size bulldog statue sitting


sitting bulldog statue with tongue out

English bulldog statue

Brutus is standing on guard. This realistic looking statue of an English bulldog, will make guests do a double-take! Hand cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin, this brown and grey statue is 11½”wide,x29″ deep and 15½ high.


resin sitting bulldog statue

Guarding his treats, this life-like bulldog statue is a customer favorite. Textured, and hand-painted in shades of brown and white, this quality resin statue stands 14″ high, 14″ wide and 16″ deep. He will make a great gift for your bulldog-loving friend. Doggy treats are not included!


concrete sitting bulldog statue

Solid stone bulldog statue is 24″ long, 20″ tall and weighs 181 pounds. The statue comes in 12 different finishes, including the alpine grey shown. Built to last, this loyal friend will keep you company for many years to come.


French Bulldog Statues

French bulldogs are the smallest of bulldog breeds. The have large expressive eyes and are well-behaved, but mischievous, craving constant attention and companionship.  The two statues below are delightful reproductions of these lovable dogs.

French bulldog statue sitting

french bulldog statue black and white

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