boy and girl garden statues

There is nothing that captures the joy and freedom of a beautiful summer day like children playing, as captured so perfectly in these boy and girl garden statues. Each moment is a new adventure, as these children explore the world around them with curiosity and enthusiasm. These garden statues will warm your heart and bring back memories of days long gone.



A big round tunnel makes a perfect hiding spot for these two young boys playing hide-and-seek. One tousled hair youngster sits on the top looking down, while the other one  crawls out after being discovered! Made from quality designer resin, this two-tone garden statue  has a grey stone finish and is 25½”Wx26½”Dx29″H. This large, almost life-size piece, will make a wonderful focal point in your garden.

This adorable statue of a young boy and girl wonderfully captures first love. The pretty young girl, head tilted, and a smile on her face, holds a bouquet of wild flowers. Her beau plants a kiss on her cheek, and behind his back hides the surprise he has for her. His pet frog that he wants to show to her!

Made from quality designer resin in a two-tone stone grey finish, this statue is 11″Wx8″DX22″H.


These cute dimpled twins, a boy and girl, are beaming with joy as they sit atop their swimming pool tube. The boy has his arms up in their air, embracing the moment, as his pig-tailed sister leans back, holding on to the tube. This playful garden statue in designer resin, with a bronze patina finish, is 8½”Wx8″Dx10″H.


Not quite tall enough to reach the water fountain herself, the pig-tailed young girl in this statue gets some help from her gallant friend, as he kneels down on all fours, offering his back as a step stool. These barefoot youngster are enjoying their achievement, a big smile on each of their faces. This quality resin statue, has a light grey faux stone finish and stands over two-feet tall. It comes with an indoor-outdoor pump.


A girl, a boy, and a puppy, walk across a log in this garden statue. The girl in the front points her sandaled foot in the air, as the pup, in imitation, lifts his opposite paw. The children have their arms raised to their sides, to help them balance. This very realistic and intricately detailed bronze statue is cast and crafted in the traditional lost-wax method. It has an sepia bronze patina finish, accented by the emerald green of the children’s clothes. This almost  life-size statue is 68″Wx25″Dx60″H.

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