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Praying Angel Garden Statue

A praying angel garden statue will add beauty and grace to your outdoor living space. Palms together and a look of serenity on their faces, these gentle angels will make you feel loved and protected. Place in...

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Mother and Child Statue

A mother and child statue is a beautiful addition to any garden. These statues of mothers cradling their infants, show the deep and powerful love between a mother and her child. Each of the pieces is large...

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Mother and Child Sculpture

A mother and child sculpture beautifully depicts the strong and deep love between a mother and her child. The sculptures below show mothers’ playing, reading and comforting their young children. They...

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Flying Pig Garden Statue

Ever since I first set eyes on a flying pig garden statue, I have wanted one. Pigs are very intelligent, curious, playful animals who love to explore. What better way to seek out new adventures than to spread...

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St. Francis Garden Statue

A St. Francis Garden statue will invite your furry and feathered friends into to your outdoor living space. Saint Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals and the environment. He had a great love of...

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Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden

This magical garden in Australia was built by Bruno Torfs. On 7th February 2009, a massive bushfire swept through the picturesque town of Marysville in Victoria, Australia, destroying most of Bruno’s...

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