Outdoor Statues add beauty and charm to your garden oasis

We search for beautiful, unique, and whimsical statues and sculptures, to add the finishing touches to your garden

Peaceful Presence Angel Sitter Garden Statue
Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden Statue
Spiritual Meditation Buddha Head Statue

Our favorite garden statues and sculptures

labrador retriever garden statues

Labrador Retriever Garden Statues

These labrador retriever garden statues reflect the wonderful qualities of these beautiful dogs. Labs are very friendly, playful, intelligent, trainable, energetic and great companions. No wonder they are America’s most beloved breed of dog. Their big soulful eyes and droopy ears make them look like puppies, even when they are all grown up! With a…

Metal Frog Sculpture

I love garden art that brings a smile to my face, like a charming metal frog sculpture. Cute and playful, these metal frogs are durable as well as adorable! Whether riding a bike or flying a kite, skateboarding or reading with Mom or Dad, or just relaxing and enjoying the day, these frog statues will…

girl reading book garden statues

Girl Reading Book Garden Statues

I see myself in each of these girl reading book garden statues. My first love was books, and to this day one of my greatest joys is finding a quiet spot that I can read my treasured book undisturbed. These statues of girls reading will charm book lovers, and might even tempt them to grab…

bulldog statues

Bulldog Statues

These bulldog statues capture the wonderful nature of these universally loved dogs. These canines, with the flat faces, wrinkly skin and strong muscular bodies are very loyal and affectionate. They will stand by you and sit on your lap!  We have chosen our favorite bulldog statues, including both the classic English bulldogs and the small…

boy and girl garden statuese

Boy and Girl Garden Statues

There is nothing that captures the joy and freedom of a beautiful summer day like children playing, as captured so perfectly in these boy and girl garden statues. Each moment is a new adventure, as these children explore the world around them with curiosity and enthusiasm. These garden statues will warm your heart and bring…

frog yoga statue

Yoga Frog Statue

A yoga frog statue will add a peaceful presence to your outdoor decor. In various yoga poses, from stretching to meditating, this collection of frogs will keep you company as you contemplate life in your garden retreat. Breathe in the stillness and escape the hectic pace of daily life. Our selection includes resin, aluminum and…