Bronze Mother and Child Statue

Capturing a tender moment between a young boy and his mom, this bronze mother and child statue will be a beautiful and striking addition to any garden. This young mother is sitting on a stone-looking bench, her young son sleeping, his head resting in her lap. She is wearing a beautiful turquoise summer dress, and her son is wearing matching shirt and shorts. The intricate details, from the strands in her hair to the folds in her dress, make this statue come alive.
For mothers whose children have grown up and left it will remind them of the happy, innocent moments of their children's lives. Grandmothers will also cherish this piece, as it brings back memories of their children and grandchildren.
This heirloom quality, solid bronze statue will entrance visitors for generation. It is over four feet tall, and weights 164 pound.
Size: 28½"Wx24"Dx49"H


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